Guide to eServices

eServices is a student self-service portal. Enroll in classes, view your unofficial transcript, pay your fees, and much more.

Below is a visual overview of the many things you can get done in the eServices portal.

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Home Page Features

The eServices home page can be a little overwhelming at first. So let’s break it down. There’s a main menu, a sidebar, and three sections: Finances, Academics, and Personal Information.

Click the Home link at the top of any page to return to the home page.

eServices home page

Main Menu

Student Center is where you’ll complete most eServices tasks. This menu provides a handful of other features as well.

eServices home page menu


Home Page

The sidebar contains a mix of frequently-needed tools. The links in the bottom three panels go to other Los Rios websites. New in April 2016: Your To Do List includes important things for you to do regarding your Financial Aid.

eServices home page sidebar

Message Center

Home Page

View important message about your Financial Aid.

eServices Message Center

eServices Message Center messages


Home Page

This area provides a summary of your account, plus links to your financial aid and other financial tools.

eServices home page finances section


Home Page

This panel displays this week’s class schedule, plus links to other academic tasks.

eServices home page academics section

Personal Information

Home Page

This area displays the current addresses and phones on record for you, plus links to update this information.

eServices home page personal information section


Account Activity

Home Page > Finances Panel > Get Proof of Payment

View your latest financial transactions, both charges and payments.

eServices account activity

Make a Payment

Home Page > Finances Panel > Make a Payment

Make a payment on money owed to the college.

eServices make a payment

Payment History

Home Page > Finances Panel > Dropdown Menu > Payments

View recent payment transactions.

eServices payment history

Purchase Items

Home Page > Finances Panel > Purchase Parking Decals

Buy parking decals for autos or cycles.

eServices purchase items

View 1098-T

Home Page > Finances Panel > Dropdown Menu > View 1098-T

View your 1098-T Tuition Statement (an Internal Revenue Service form) for the prior tax year.

eServices account services 1098-T

Financial Aid

Accept or Decline Awards

Home Page > Finances Panel > Accept/Decline Awards

View your Financial Aid Award & accept/decline federal work-study and/or loans.

eServices: accept or decline awards

Award Summary

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year

Find and review your Financial Aid award information.

eServices: Financial Aid Award Summary

Estimated Financial Aid Budget

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year > Click on the amount for Estimated Financial Aid Budget

View an estimate of the amount a student can expect to spend on college costs.

eServices: Estimated Financial Aid Budget

Loan Counseling

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year > Loan Counseling

Track Financial Aid exit and entrance loan counseling.

eServices: Get loan counseling

Loan Details

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year > Loan Details

View the status, amount, loan fee, and activity date for a given student loan.

eServices: Loan Details

Scheduled Disbursement Dates

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year > View Scheduled Disbursement Dates

View the standard disbursement dates for each Financial Aid term.

eServices: View Scheduled Disbursement Dates

Shopping Sheet

Home Page > Finances Panel > Select year > Shopping Sheet

View the Financial Aid Shopping sheet to compare your Financial Aid against other financial aid packages you may receive.

eServices: Shopping Sheet


Add Classes

Home Page > Academics Panel > Enroll: Add or Drop Classes

Search for a course, add it to your Shopping Cart, and enroll in it.

eServices add classes

Browse Course Catalog

Search for Classes (sidebar) > Browse Course Catalog Tab

Browse the entire course listing for all four Los Rios colleges, by department.

eServices browse course catalog

Drop Classes

Home Page > Academics Panel > Enroll: Add or Drop Classes > Drop Tab

Drop a course you are currently enrolled in.

eServices drop classes

Enrollment Verification

Home Page > Academics Panel > Print Enrollment Verification

Obtain your free Enrollment Verification Certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse.

eServices enrollment verification

Evaluate Transfer Credit

Home Page > Academics Panel > Dropdown Menu > Transfer Credit: Modelling

Evaluate how credit earned at selected institutions may be transferred to our school.

eServices evaluate transfer credit

My Academics

Home Page > Academics Panel > My Academics

View your program/major, plus links to your Advisement Report, What-If Report, Course History, and Unofficial Transcript.

eServices my academics

My Academic Requirements

Home Page > Academics Panel > Dropdown Menu > Academic Requirements

View your academic requirements. Also known as a Degree Audit, this is a computer based report showing the progress you are making toward meeting degree/certificate and/or transfer requirements of your major. Also available as a downloadable PDF.

eServices academic requirements

My Class Schedule—List View

Home Page > Academics Panel > My Class Schedule

View your current class schedule in list form. Get additional information about the course, along with drop deadlines.

eServices my classes

My Class Schedule—Weekly

Home Page > Academics Panel > Weekly Schedule

View your current class schedule in weekly calendar form.

eServices my class schedule

My Course History

Home Page > Academics Panel > Dropdown Menu > Course History

View a reverse-chronological list of all the courses you have completed in all Los Rios colleges, as well as the currently-enrolled classes.

eServices my course history

My Planner

Home Page > Academics Panel > My Planner

Use this organizational tool to help you plan when registering for classes.

eServices my planner

Search for Classes

Home Page > Academics Panel > Search for Classes

Search for upcoming courses by term, subject, course number, and college. Advanced search options—such as keywords—are also available.

eServices search for classes

Steps to Success

Main Menu > Steps to Success

Plan and review your college enrollment steps: apply, complete orientation, complete assessment/placement, create an education plan (iSEP), and register for class.

eServices steps to success

Supplemental Enrollment Form

Sidebar > Supplemental Enrollment Form

Update your Supplemental Enrollment Form for every semester/term in which you wish to enroll.

eServices supplemental enrollment form

Transcript (Official)

Home Page > Academics Panel > Order My Official Transcript

Request an official Los Rios transcript be sent to you or other address.

eServices transcript official

Transcript (Unofficial)

Home Page > Academics Panel > View Unofficial Transcript

View your unofficial transcript for all Los Rios colleges.

eServices transcript unofficial

View My Grades

Home Page > Academics Panel > Dropdown Menu > Grades

View your recorded grades for any Los Rios college courses you completed.

eServices view my grades

What-If Report

Home Page > Academics Panel > Dropdown Menu > What-If Report

Set up a what-if scenario based on a different Area of Study, if you are considering changing your program/major.

eServices what-if report

Personal Information


Home Page > Personal Information Panel > Mailing Address

Review and update any addresses that Los Rios should have on file for you.

eServices edit addresses


Home Page > Personal Information Panel > Names

Review and update any names that Los Rios should have on file for you.

eServices edit names

Phone Numbers

Home Page > Personal Information Panel > Daytime Phone

Review and update any phone numbers that Los Rios should have on file for you.

eServices edit phones


Main Menu > Password

Change your password, or update your password security questions. If you can’t log in at all, change your password here instead. If you haven’t set up security questions yet, set them up here.

eServices password

Student Emergency Information

Home Page > Personal Information Panel > Los Rios ALERT Signup Page

Sign up for the Los Rios emergency alert system, in the event we need to contact you by email or cell phone regarding an emergency situation.

eServices student emergency notification information