Student Health Fee Information

Los Rios Community College District recognizes the increasing health needs of our students and the important roll health plays in reaching academic goals. As a district, we have always been committed to students and are one of the last districts in the state to implement a student health fee.

Here at Sacramento City College Health Services, we were hesitant at the thought of charging a student health fee. After taking the time to research the positive impacts of a health fee on other campuses and hearing many student requests for additional services, we agree that this is the healthy next step for our campus and district!

Here is what the health fee means for you:

SCC Health Services will use the health fee to build support services that will enhance and maintain wellness as well as treat acute health issues. Mental health support, STI/HIV testing, pregnancy testing, and birth control have been added to our services with plans to add low cost immunizations, prescriptions and physicals.

While the health fee will make more services available to students on campus, it is not student health insurance and students should keep their current health insurance.

We are very excited to be able to better serve your health needs while on campus. If you have suggestions for future services, we welcome your feedback at

Enrollment and Tuition Fees (includes information about the health fee)

Student Health Fee FAQ

  • Do I have to pay the Student Health Fee in order to register for classes?
    All students must pay the Student Health Fee unless they are exempt according to district policy
  • Do I have to pay the Student Health Fee if I already have health insurance?
    Yes. The Student Health Fee does not replace insurance but provides services to address common health issues that typically prevent students from succeeding in college. These services will be convenient and more affordable for those with and without their own health insurance and encourage students to maintain their health and take care of health issues before they become a barrier to learning.
  • Does the Promise Grant cover the Health Fee?
  • How often will I be charged a health fee?
    Spring and Fall semester
  • What do I get for my $20 at SCC?
    Services below are free or at a discount for current Los Rios students. All services requiring an additional fee are designated by an *.

Free and Discounted Health Services

First Aid

  • Urgent care
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Sprains

Wellness Support

Reproductive/Sexual Health

  • Sexually transmitted illness and HIV testing and treatment
  • Prescriptions for birth control
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Condoms

Mental Health Counseling

  • Support while on campus
  • Community Resources

Health Education

  • Physical and mental health literature
  • Community Resources


  • Class presentations
  • Health Fairs

Smoking Cessation Assistance

Health Screening

Lactation Areas

Health Insurance Information