Honors Scholar Courses

Honors courses provide an enriched and unique educational experience with small classes in a seminar format.

Students challenge themselves intellectually in three-unit courses in a variety of disciplines.  All courses are transferable and meet the general education/breadth requirements.  Honors students have easy access to their instructors and are expected to utilize critical thinking and research skills throughout their course work.

Eligibility:  Students are advised to have a 3.0 GPA or better based on high school or college transcripts or be eligible to take ENGWR 300 to succeed in Honors courses.

Students completing 15 units of Honors qualified courses with at least a 3.2 GPA are designated “Honors Scholars” at graduation,  and qualify for the UCLA TAP and other transfer alliance programs.

Courses Offered

Spring 2018


ANTH 481   Honors Cultural Anthropology, 3 Units, MW 3:00-04:20PM, LEC

P.Lindell, RHN 327    17691


ARTH 486   Medieval Art-Honors, 3 Units, TTh 9:30-10:50AM,    LEC

V.Kidrick, Davis 114  19894


ARTH 487    Renaissance Art-Honors, 3 Units, TTh 12:00-01:20PM, LEC

V.Kidrick, TBA          19153


CHEM 484   Advanced General Chemistry – Honors, 1 Unit, F 1:00-04:15PM      LAB

S.Richman, LIH 213   19039


ENGWR 482 Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking, 3 Units, MW 10:30-11:50AM, LEC

J.Roberts, RHS 307    17872


HIST 484     History of the United States – Honors, 3 Units, MW   10:30-11:50AM, LEC

S.Graybill, RHN 267  19642


MUFHL 482  Survey of Music History and Literature, 3 Units, MW 12:00-01:20PM      LEC

R.Knable, PAC 116    17751


NUTRI 480   Nutrition- Honors, 3 Units, TBA, LEC

J.Coppola, Online       18602


PHIL 481    History of Modern Philosophy, 3 Units, TTh 1:00-02:20PM, LEC

T.Quandt, PAC 121                  18825


POLS 480    Introduction to International Relations, 3 Units, TTh 9:00-10:20AM          LEC

D.Kirsch, PAC 105     18358


(Additional courses, such as MATH 400, 401, 402, 410, 420 and CHEM 400, 401, 410, 420 may also be considered for credit towards the Honors Program)

Spring 2018 Honors at ARC

ANTH 480 Honors Physical Anthropology 
BIOL 482 Honors Introduction to Marine Environment 
ENGWR 480 Honors College Composition
ENGWR 481 Honors College Composition and Literature
HIST 484 Honors History of the US 1865-Present 
POLS 480 Honors Introduction to International Relations
SOC 480 Honors Introduction to Sociology

For more information about the ARC Honors Transfer Certificate Program, contact Kathy
Rodgers, Coordinator, at rodgerk@arc.losrios.edu or visit


Fall 2018 at SCC (tentative schedule subject to change)

ANTH 480     Honors Physical Anthropology

ARTH 486     Medieval Art-Honors 

CHEM 484     Advanced General Chemistry – Honors 

ENGLT 480     World Literature: Antiquity to the Early Modern World – Honors

ENGWR 488     Honors College Comp and Research

HIST 483     History of the United States – Honors 

MUFHL 481     Survey of Music History and Literature – Honors

PHIL 480     History of Classical Philosophy – Honors  

POLS 481     Intro to Government: US – Honors   

STAT 480     Intro to Probability and Statistics – Honors  


Honors Scholar Application

This application must be returned by April 1 to the Honors Program Coordinator the semester before graduation/transfer (this is not an application to join the Honors Program, but simply a form to submit upon completion of the Honors Program):

Paul Frank
Rodda Hall North, RHN 234

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