D2L QuickStart

Requesting Your Courses

How to get your course added to D2L so that you can build it, manage it, and make it available to students. [Duration: 2:26]

D2L Faculty Notes

  • The username for all users is “W” plus the student or employee ID number.
  • The password for all users is the Los Rios unified password.
  • User accounts for all students are created the morning after they receive a student ID number.

Student D2L Orientation

Orientation materials to assist students in learning to use D2L, including video demos and step-by-step instructions, are linked from the login page. The resources page is also linked from the navbar in every course: http://d2lresources.losrios.edu

This page includes information about a free sample class that is available to all users via the Self Registration link.

Course processing notes

  • New D2L course offerings must be requested each semester.
  • The form for D2L Official Course Requests is linked from the Employee Self-Service system (http://losrios.edu/ess).
  • The interface can also be used to request development course offerings. No student users will be enrolled in a development course, but any material developed there can be copied into an official course offering.

After submitting a request, the following things happen

  1.  A new course site is created the next day. This site is inactive (i.e., invisible to enrolled students) and is set to be inactive when class ends. Instructors must make the class active.
  2. Student users are enrolled automatically seven days prior to the official start date for each class.
  3. The Classlist in D2L is updated each morning, including drops. Student data is not removed along with the student, so an incorrect drop will not result in missing grades.

Course setup reminders

  • Course materials do not appear automatically in the new course offering. Instructors can copy course materials from another course offering. There is a Manage Dates tool to make adjusting availability dates and due dates much easier:
  • New course offerings are inactive by default and must be made active. They are also set to become inactive the day that grades are due for that semester.
  • By removing navbar links to tools you do not plan to use, you will reduce the potential for student confusion.
  • The final grade item must be released before students can see it.