• Academic Divisions


    Sacramento City College academic programs focus on providing quality teaching and learning that supports student success.

    We are committed to maintaining high academic standards while engaging students in… MORE >>

  • programs of study

    Degrees, Certificates, Transfer Majors, and Courses

    Sacramento City College offers associate degrees, certificates of achievement, and certificates, as well as courses in general education.


    Associate in Arts (AA)

    The Associate degree may be obtained by the completion… MORE >>

  • Curriculum


    Curriculum represents all the courses of study offered by an educational institution. A well-developed curriculum provides students with a framework for meeting their academic goals of transfer, career advancement,… MORE >>

  • Equity Office

    Equity Office

    The Equity Officer is responsible for ensuring that campus processes are fair and equitable in their interface with students, faculty, and staff. Hiring processes and the assignment of… MORE >>

  • Professional Standards

    Professional Standards

    Professional Development (Sabbatical) Leaves provide faculty members release from regular duties to enable them to respond to changing educational conditions and student needs.

    These leaves allow time for faculty to… MORE >>

  • Program Review

    Program Review

    Instructional Program Review is a process by which the degree and certificate programs and curricula of Sacramento City College are reviewed every six years.

  • Resources


    Resources for faculty such as forms, handbooks, final exam schedules, and class scheduling.