Estimated Expenses

The estimated expenses for a single international student is based upon 24 units for one academic year (two (2) semesters. No Payment is made outright to the college in advance. You will pay for course units after you enroll but within the time frame noted.

*Tuition $296 per unit (starting Fall 2017) = $7,104.00
*Health Insurance (mandatory/variable) = $1,498.00
*Books and Personal Living Expenses (variable) = $15,988.00
**Total ESTIMATED Expenses: $24,590.00 USD

*Subject to increase without prior notice. All tuition fees are subject to change upon approval by College Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, and California legislature. F-1 students are required to take a minimum of twelve units per semester but many student enroll in more than 12 units (18 max. Special permission required for additional units). Summer Session is optional.

**Students with F-2 dependents increase the estimated total an additional $3,000.00 per person.

Health Insurance
Payment for the required Health Insurance is made directly to the company you select.

3rd Party Sponsors/Scholarship
International students who have a 3rd party sponsor/scholarship must bring us an original letter (on letterhead) with contact information, specific dates of coverage, name(s) of who is covered, and how much financial support is being provided for 1 year. Letters must be updated each year. You must submit this letter to the ISC and Business Services Office so that you are not dropped from your enrollment for non-payment.

Payment Plan
Contact the Business Services Office to discuss a payment plan option.

Financial Aid
International students do not qualify for standard U.S. Financial Aid. For more information go to this NAFSA link.

SCC Scholarships
All SCC student may apply for SCC Scholarships after they meet the minimum requirement. Go to SCC Foundation for requirements.