SCC International Student Center (ISC) provides information on our application process to become an international student and obtain a SEVIS I-20 allowing you to apply for an F-1 VISA at the US Embassy/Consulate in your current country*. The F-1 VISA allows you students to study in the US (with regulations). This ISC works with students to help them maintain good status to continue their US educational goals.

 F-1 VISA Process

Follow the process provided by SEVIS.

  1. After you receive an acceptance letter, pay your SEVIS I-901 fee and print your receipt.
  2. Apply for a (F-1) VISA at an American Embassy or Consulate in your country. Follow the interview information provided to you by the Embassy/Consulate or from their website.  Make sure you have all your copies of the documents you submitted to SCC and any other supporting documents (SEVIS I-901 receipt, SEVIS I-20) ready for your Embassy interview.
  3. After you are approved for your F-1 VISA,
    a)  make your travel arrangements to come to the US. You can enter the US no more than 30 days from the official start of school but in time to attend the Mandatory Orientation.
    b) we recommend that you see your personal doctor and/or dentist before entering US.
    c) get your Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance. Note: If you cannot get this test in your home country you can take it at the SCC Health Services Office for $5. (If a positive read appears, you will have to get a chest X-ray to clear you),
    d) purchase your health insurance coverage. (go to SCC Heath Services for more information)

For additional information please contact the International Student Center at (916) 558-2486 or email us at: intlctr@scc.losrios.edu