Current International Students

You are Student Ambassadors representing your country.

Self-responsibility to your academics is required to be a successful student. Maintain the F-1 Regulations is also a self-responsibility to continue your studies in the US. This section of our website is designed exclusively for our current international students. It includes an overview of the most important immigration regulations affecting F-1 students in the U.S. in the areas of academics, employment, travel, medical insurance, school transfer, driving, maintenance of valid student status, and more.


  • Never drop below 12 units. You must enroll AND maintain a minimum of 12 units each semester (Fall and Spring). Note: “W” do not count toward the 12 unit minimum requirement.
  • You must have current Health Insurance on file or you will have a HOLD placed on your eServices account.
  • You must have a current individual student educational plan (iSEP) on file with our office.
  • You must meet with the ISC Counselor once a semester. Please call our office in advance to schedule this appointment.
  • You cannot work without approval by the ISC – PDSO (please check our website for employment regulations)
  • To obtain a California Drivers Licence, please come to our office for a DMV letter.
  • You must have a DSO sign page 3 of your SEVIS I-20 if you want to Travel outside the USA.
  • You must submit your Acceptance Letter to Transfer Out to a new school.

Our ISC staff and academic advisors are available for consultation, advice, and assistance. However, we encourage you to research your topic of interest on the Web site first, especially when planning time-critical matters, such as OPT application, re-entry signature on your I-20, school transfer, etc.

These pages will provide additional information about processes, procedures, and your responsibilities as an international student. If you do not find the information for your specific circumstance on our website, please contact our office.

  • Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent enrollment is when you enroll in courses at more than one educational institution during the same semester, to meet your academic goals.

  • Counseling for International Students

    All International Students must meet with an Academic Counselor twice a semester. An iSep (Ed Plan) will be completed as well as addressing any other questions you… MORE >>

  • Drivers License

    Students wishing to apply or renew a California Driver’s Licence must meet all the CA rules.
    Contact our office, in advance, to assist you by providing a supportive letter… MORE >>

  • Employment

    Work Authorization for Non-Immigrants in Lawful Status

     On-Campus employment for F-1 Students

    • Limited to 20 hours or less per week but may be full-time during vacation.
    • Must be enrolled full-time (12 units).
    • Must… MORE >>
  • Graduating


    Make sure to meet with the ISC Counselor to confirm your graduation or transfer eligibility: Completion of a minimum of 60 degree applicable units with a grade point average of… MORE >>

  • Links

    The following links are provided for your convenience.

    Bureau of Citizenship and Immigrations and Services Form (USCIS): (Click on “FORMS” at the top of the page and… MORE >>

  • Travel

    TIPS – When traveling during a school break

    • Come to the ISC with your current I-20 2 weeks BEFORE travel to obtain your college P/DSO signature required on page… MORE >>