The staff is available to assist students with a review of admission requirements, specialized orientation, and provide valuable resources regarding student immigration status, federal regulations, and educational responsibilities.

To contact us please call 916-558-2486 or email us:

  • Deborah Gambrell

    Deborah Gambrell


    Welcome to Sacramento City College International Student Center. My name is Deborah Gambrell, Coordinator/Counselor for the International Student Center since 2012. I have worked as an Academic Counselor at Sacramento City College since 1991 and feel honored in assisting students reach their academic goals.

    I provide support with all academic, career, and crisis-counseling needs. Our office is a one-stop center so there is minimal need to go elsewhere for additional services regarding document processing or academic guidance.

    I hope your stay with us will bring you closer in building new friendships with other students, both domestic and international. This experience hopefully will increase your cultural knowledge of the U.S. as well as sharing your culture with us. Our goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your learning experiences. Enjoy your stay and let us know if we can better assist you.

  • Mayra J. Jimenez

    Mayra J. Jimenez

    Student Personnel Assistant/DSO

    Hello! My name is Mayra Jimenez. I work as the International Student Center Student Personnel Assistant and DSO. I have worked in the Counseling – International Student Center since 1995. I immigrated from Nicaragua and understand the diverse needs of international students. I also speak Spanish, ”Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos”.

  • May Yang

    Student Personnel Assistant/DSO