International Studies

Sacramento City College’s International Studies Degree will prepare students for transfer to four year institutions that offer International Studies or related fields.

Students will:

  1. engage in course work that will broaden their perspective and skills in the field of international relations
  2. have access to individual counseling for program planning and career development through a mentoring program with the Program Coordinator
  3. be afforded the opportunity to develop foreign language proficiency

The Sacramento City College International Studies Program is dedicated to the ideal of increasing international understanding through education and collaboration. We support the growth of programs affiliated with international education:

  1. Faculty Exchanges
  2. International Business
  3. International Development/ Contract Education
  4. International Students
  5. Internationalizing the Curriculum
  6. Study Abroad

International Studies Program of Study


International Studies AA

Associate in Arts Degree
Program Information
The major consists of a core of 29.5-33 units, which satisfy university transfer requirements. Elective courses allow students to pursue interests in languages, culture, business,… MORE >>