Computer Network

Computer network services provided by the college include access to college and district information technology, as well as Internet access.

Common Network Drives

Network drives are mapped automatically to your system to provide storage for shared and private file resources.

Administrative systems include:

      • S Drive – for shared files
      • T Drive – for access to InsideSCC files
      • U Drive – for unit planning files
      • Y Drive – for personal files

Computer lab systems include:

        • S Drive – for shared classroom files
        • Y Drive – for personal files

Drives not listed above are not standard to the campus and may only be common for a particular department.  Don’t be alarmed if you have a drive mapping that is not listed above, it may be required for an application specific to your area.

SCC Guest Network (scc_guest)

The SCC Guest wireless network provides Internet access for community members (non Los Rios employees or students).

To access the SCC Guest Wi-Fi, an SCC employees must create an account for a guest before access is granted by following the Instructions to Create Guest Account.

Once the account is created follow the Instructions to Access Guest Network for the guest to access the Wi-Fi.

Website for guest account creation