Information Security

Information Security practices that protect student, faculty, and staff data are prescribed by Federal and state law as well as district policies and regulations.

Information Security Officers

8800 Administrative Computer Use

8870 Security

1.1  Information security is an area of utmost concern and importance to the Los Rios Community College District. Given the rapid pace of technological change, the decentralization of computing, and the proliferation of computers, networks, and users of varying capabilities, it is essential that these systems be protected from misuse and unauthorized access. This Policy and corresponding Administrative Regulation are established to help maintain the security of District Systems and to inform all users of their rights and responsibilities relative to computer security awareness.

1.2  Storage of District data on the District’s Systems and transfer of data across its internal network supports efficient work processes. Commensurate with that efficiency is the need for the appropriate security measures. Protection of confidential information is a primary goal of the District and should be achieved in all aspects of data collection and use.

The full set of Administrative Computer Use policies and administrative regulations can be found in the 8800 series of Board Policies and Regulations.