Nutrition (NUTRI 300)

You, as a student in this class, will study the basic principles of nutrition: biological functions of the nutrients in the human body, food sources and requirements for all stages of the life cycle.  Course topics such as: obtaining and maintaining a healthy body weight, physical fitness, food safety and the diet-disease relationship, will be introduced.  You will be required to complete a 7 day food/exercise journal and you will use a diet analysis program to see how your current food/exercise patterns compare to what is recommended for you.

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Getting Started

Welcome Enrolled Students!

I’m so glad you got in to this class!  The NUTRI 300 ONLINE classes fill very quickly so you should feel very lucky to have gotten a spot!  I’m also happy that you followed the directions in the schedule of classes which told you to check out my website!  Here is what you need to know to get started on the road to success in my class (read all 4 steps listed below):

Step 1: Orientation Video and Syllabus/Calendar

Mandatory ORIENTATION VIDEO for the Online NUTRI 300 Course:
This mandatory, 13 minute, orientation video session must be completed, even if you have successfully taken an online class before.  The orientation video will ask you to do several things in CANVAS.  Keep in mind, you will not have access to CANVAS until the week before class begins!  Once it is available you’ll be able to login with your student W number and Los Rios Password

Step 2:

Login to Canvas

If you are registered for my Nutrition 300 online course, you will be automatically added into Canvas the week before classes begin.  Before that date, you will not see our class appear.

Step 3:

FREE ONLINE TEXTBOOK:  This semester, we will be using a FREE ONLINE TEXTBOOK !!!  It is a work in progress and is still being edited/updated quite a bit but it is free!   You may print as many or as few pages as you wish.  If you are the type of student who does not like an online textbook and wants a hard-copy textbook, most any entry level textbook will do.  I recommend Nutrition For Healthy Living by Wendy Schiff  (any edition).  Please bookmark the link to the free textbook!

FREE DIET ANALYSIS PROGRAM :  This semester, we will be using a FREE ONLINE Diet Analysis Program called “MyFitnessPal“.  There is a free phone/tablet application for this program or you may access it from any computer, connected to the internet.  Just search for “MyFitnessPal” in your App Store.  Please bookmark the page for MyFitnessPal.

Step 4:

Are online classes right for me??? If you are wondering that, please click here: Distance Education Page.  Also consider going through these “readiness modules” that get you ready to take an online course!  Readiness Modules


The Online class will have a mandatory orientation video that must be watched by Wednesday of the first week of class, even if you have had an online class before.

Orientation Video [13mins]

Keep in mind, the orientation video will ask you to do several things in CANVAS. You will not have access to CANVAS until the week before class begins! If you are enrolled in my class, you MUST watch the orientation video but appearing for the in-person meet-and-greet is optional!