The Child In The Family, and In The Community

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Professor Foley’s sections of this course are taught online.

All students will complete the following orientation information by the first week of the semester:

  1. Watch: Course Information- PowerPoint Show
  2. Read: Syllabus- pdf
  3. Take: Course Information & Syllabus Quiz.
  4. Complete the Canvas Free Sample Class
  5. Upload your Canvas Certificate of Completion to our submission folder.
  6. In-person meetings are available for first-time online students, and for students who need a permission to add number.
    • Wednesday, January 23rd, ECE 314 focus
      12 Noon
      SCC Main Campus
      Learning Resource Center, Room LRC-141
    • Wednesday, January 23rd,  ECE 415 focus
      At 1:00pm
      SCC Main Campus
      Learning Resource Center, Room LRC-141
    • Tuesday, January 22nd, General Meeting
      Davis Center Meeting
      Computer Classroom, Room 202
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  8. If you have a conflict with the in-person meeting times, thoroughly read the “In-Person Meeting” and “Add A Class” webpages, linked above.
  9. You are welcome to attend any of your instructor’s scheduled meetings.



Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support

Photo of the Child Family Community Required Textbook

  • Author: Berns
  • Edition: 10th*
  • ISBN: 9781305088979

* If you choose to use a different edition of the text, it is your responsibility to compare your text with the current text for updated information and reorganization of the material.

The text is available for students to use:

Library Reserve Desks
Current editions of the text are at the following Reserve Desks, (2-hour maximum).

Hello Students,

Welcome to a new semester at Sacramento City College!  Here is some information to prepare you for the beginning of the semester.

Please read the Child Family & Community Course Information using the link provided on my website.

If you are enrolled and have never taken an online class, it is highly recommended to attend an in-person orientation meeting. See In-Person Meeting Schedule page on my website.

If you are enrolled and have successfully taken an online class in the past, you are excused from the in-person meeting.

All students are expected to complete the following:

  1. Your first official assignment is to activate and update your Sacramento City College email address.
    • Students automatically have a FREE email account through Sacramento City College.
    • If you do not check your SCC email regularly, then configure it to FORWARD to an email address you do check frequently.
    • Remember to keep email addresses updated.
  2. View the Course Information Powerpoint Show located in Canvas, & on my website.
  3. Read our Course Syllabus located in Canvas, & on my website.
    • Take the Course Information & Syllabus Quiz, in Canvas.
  4. Complete the ARC Canvas Free Sample Class.
    • Upload your Certificate of Completion to our class, in Canvas.

Our CANVAS Course site will open on January 19th.
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Click on the In-Person Meeting link for more information.

  • Wednesday, January 23rd
    At Noon

    SCC Main Campus
    Learning Resource Center, Room LRC-141
  • Can’t attend the specific time slot for your class?
    You are welcome to join any of your instructor’s in-person meetings.
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Prior to the in-person meeting, students should complete the following activities:

Course Information & Syllabus:

Week 1 Assignments:

1. Socialization & Attachment Essay
Based on this week’s assignments, readings, and videos, write an essay addressing the following questions:

  • Define socialization and explain how it relates to child development.
  • Define intentional and unintentional socialization.
  • Explain the indicators of well-being for children.
  • Describe the three basic temperamental patterns of babies.
  • Explain how goodness-of-fit is vital to healthy attachment between parents and children. (Consider parental responsiveness, lifestyle adjustments, etc…)
  • Format of the essay?
    • 2 pages (minimum).
    • Double-spaced is fine.
    • At the top of page 1 type your name plus the name of the assignment.
    • Cite your sources. Separate citation pages and title pages are not necessary.
    • Remember to save your paper as an rtf, pdf, doc or docx file before submitting it.

2. Article Review Essay
Find an Article About An Agency Serving Children and Families in Your Community

  • Research newspapers, magazines, or the internet. Try to find something that relates to the Sacramento area.
  • Organize your thoughts using the supplied Article Review Form, then write your essay (not question/answer).
  • Be sure to include the following source citation information (at the beginning of your article review):

Author’s last name, first name
Date of article
Media Source (Name of Magazine, Newspaper, Internet, etc.)
If a website:
Sponsor of website
Date web site was last updated

  • Format of the essay?
    • 2 pages (minimum).
    • Double-spaced is fine.
    • At the top of page 1 type your name plus the name of the assignment.
    • Cite your sources.
    • Separate citation pages and title pages are not necessary.
    • Use “quotation marks” or ‘semi-quotes’ if you are “quoting” or ‘paraphrasing’ what someone said.
    • Remember to save your paper as an rtf, pdf, doc or docx file before uploading it.

3. Participate in our Discussion
Introduce Yourself to (post), and Greet Your Classmates (reply to two students).

Our assignment week will typically run from Thursday-to-Thursday.

Each week of the semester you will do the following:

  • Click on Weekly Module.
    1. Complete the assigned reading.
    2. Complete assignments and activities.
    3. Submit Essays.
    4. Participate in all discussion topics.
      • Disappearing from the Discussion Board is like a student not attending class, and as such your disappearance will result in being dropped.

All weekly assignments must be submitted ON TIME to maximize points.

  • On time means that the assignment will be submitted by their DUE DATE.
    • Illness and other life challenges are not excuses for late submissions.
    • Forgetting about the assignment and/or not being aware of due dates and assignments are not excuses for late submissions.
    • I understand that sometimes life happens. Continue reading about Due Dates vs End Dates, below.

Due Dates:

  • Assignments are usually due one week after they are assigned, (see course syllabus for schedule details).
  • Assignments will frequently be available a week before they are assigned, so students can work ahead if they wish.
  • If you wish to get full credit on your assignments, submit them by the Due Date.

End Dates:

  • The End Date is the date the files close and are no longer available to students.
    Example: Assignments given before Exam 1, will no longer be accessible after Exam 1.
  • Assignments submitted after the Due Date (late), and before the End Date may receive partial credit. (No more than 70% of the possible points.)
  • Pay close attention to the modules, announcements throughout the semester.
  • Make sure to arrange time every week to complete the discussions, assignments, quizzes, and exams.

An Extra Credit Option for our Class: VOLUNTEER at Safetyville, USA

Commitments to volunteer must be made at the beginning of the semester. No exceptions.

1 hour = 1 extra credit point

You can complete the Volunteer Form online, scroll down the linked page below:

Make sure to tell Safetyville that you are one of my online students, and in which class you are enrolled.

Volunteer & Tour Coordinator
3909 Bradshaw Rd.
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If you volunteer over 10+ hours, you may receive a special Service Learning Notation on your Sacramento City College transcripts.

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