Children’s Health, Safety and Nutrition

ECE 415

If you choose to use a different edition of the required text, it is your responsibility to compare the older edition with the current edition for updated information and reorganization of the material.

  • Older editions of the text might be found on the 3rd floor of the Learning Resource Center.
  • Current editions of the textbook can be found at SCC’s Reserve Desks.

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Online Class- Mandatory Orientation

ONLINE CLASS- Mandatory Orientation:
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Canvas Student Guide


Course Information & Syllabus

Week 1 Assignment

Week 1 Assignment–Children’s Well-Being: What It Is and How to Achieve It

Be sure to include the following source citation information (at the beginning of your article review):

  • Author’s last name, first name
  • Title
  • Date of article
  • Media Source (Name of Magazine, Newspaper, Internet, etc.)
  • If website:
    • Sponsor of website
    • Date web site was last updated

Source Citation Example:
Herndon, Michael K., and Joan B. Hirt. “Black Students and Their Families: What Leads to Success in College.” Journal of Black Studies 34.4 (2013): 489-513. JSTOR. Web. 15 Feb. 2015.

Format of the essay?
2 pages (minimum). Double-spaced is fine. At the top of page 1 type your name plus the name of the assignment.

Cite your sources.
Separate citation pages and title pages are not necessary. Use “quotation marks” or ‘semi-quotes’ if you are “quoting” or ‘paraphrasing’ what someone said.

Remember to save your paper as an rtf, doc or docx file before uploading it to the Dropbox.

    • Topic 1-Introduction
    • Topic 2-Case Study of Jose.
    • Chapter 1 Study Guide
    • Powerpoint
    • Children’s Well-Being Quiz

Week 2 Assignment

Safetyville, USA: A Service Learning and Extra Credit Option

Service Learning News and Extra Credit Option for Children’s Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Volunteer at Safetyville, USA
Commitments must be made at the beginning of the semester. No Exceptions.
For more information about this opportunity, send your Volunteer Form to:

Brittnee Nelson
Volunteer & Tour Coordinator
3909 Bradshaw Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95827

Service Learning Program
Nicholas Miller
Office Location: RHN 213
Sacramento City College

FACE-TO-FACE COURSE: (Web-enhanced)

We will meet TuTh 10:30am- 11:50am, 2nd Floor of the Child Development Center- Room #208, full term.


Mandatory orientation: Click on the ORIENTATION link for meeting dates and times.

  • You are welcome to attend ANY of my orientations.
  • Be sure to read the course syllabus and complete the D2L Free Sample Class prior to our orientation.

In addition to the course orientation students will complete the reading, assignments, activities, exams, and participate online using the discussion boards in CANVAS).