Full-time faculty

Prof. Miriam Barbaria

  Spanish flag  Spanish
Office: PAC 132-d
Phone number: (916) 558-2400
Email address: BarbarM@scc.losrios.edu


Professor Barbaria is a native from the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. While growing up she attended a bilingual Spanish-German school. Coming from a family with diverse heritage exposed her from an early age to different values and traditions and helped her to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity.
Professor Barbaria attended law school in her native country, completing 4 of the required 5 years of the program. Her schooling was interrupted when she moved to the United States in the ’80’s and she dedicated her time to learning English and raising a family. She returned to school taking classes at Sacramento City College before transferring to CSUS to pursue a BA in Spanish and later an MA in the same discipline. Having learned foreign languages as a child, and again as an adult has given Prof. Barbaria an understanding of the challenges students face when acquiring a new language. She has been a full time faculty member at SCC since 1999. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, crafting, reading, cooking, attending concerts, bicycling, and horseback riding.

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Prof. Mari Carmen García, PhD

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Office: PAC 135-b
Phone number: (916) 650-2923
Email address: GarciaMC@scc.losrios.edu

Professor García was born in sunny Almería, in the Southern part of Spain, surrounded by the Andalusian culture. In her early years, her family moved to cosmopolitan Barcelona, where she grew up exposed to the Catalan culture. She started the study of philology at the Universidad Central de Barcelona. However, another big cultural change was in her future. In the mid 80’s, she moved to California, where she first had to take time off from college to learn English. After accomplishing that, she earned a B.A. in Spanish from California State University, Sacramento; an M.A. in Hispanic Literature form UC Davis; and a Ph.D. in medieval Spanish literature also from UC Davis. Having lived in very different cultures and having learned English as an adult have given her a deep understanding of the process students go through as they learn Spanish and about the Spanish culture. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, traveling, and trying new restaurants and foods.

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Prof. Andrea Lucas

Spanish flag  Spanish

Office: PAC 132-e

Phone number: (916) 558-2686

Email address: Lucasa@scc.losrios.edu

Professor Lucas was born in the rainy city of Puerto Montt, southern Chile. She always had an ear (and love) for languages so when it was time to choose a career she decided to become an English teacher. She attended Universidad de Concepción, where she obtained a B.A. in education with a major in English as a Foreign Language. She taught English for four years before moving to the United States in 1997.
Once professor Lucas arrived in Sacramento the opportunity arose to teach Spanish and soon she realized she loved sharing her knowledge of the language and culture with other people. She completed her graduate studies in Spanish at CSUS, and spent a summer in Burgos, Spain learning not only about school subjects but also about the history, culture and people of this wonderful country. She joined the SCC faculty in 2002 and loves working here!
In her spare time, professor Lucas loves singing, playing the guitar, learning languages, and spending time and traveling with her family.



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Prof. Erica Piedra, PhD

France Flag   French

Office: FIA 105

Phone number: (916) 650-2918

Email address: PiedraE@scc.losrios.edu

Professor Piedra was born in Mexico, but was raised in a bilingual household in rural, central California. Here she learned early on to alternate between English and Spanish. Later, as she pursued her studies in French she came to fully understand the difficulties of learning a second language, albeit French would be her third. She carried out her undergraduate work at California State University, Fresno where she participated in various study abroad programs allowing her to experience life in culture not only in French speaking Belgium but also in London, England.  After earning a dual B.A. in French and Spanish she went on to complete her graduate studies at the University of California, Davis receiving a Ph.D. in French medieval literature. During her doctoral program she spent a summer studying Italian in Florence, Italy and later spent a year in Paris, France studying at the École normale supérieure (ENS), here she had the opportunity to observe and partake in university life abroad, as well as to keep close ties with the ever-changing language and culture. While at the ENS, she taught French on a volunteer basis through the church Saint Germain-des-Prés, primarily to members of the Latin American community in Paris many of whom were not literate in their mother tongue. Having had the opportunity to live and experience different cultures has given her the freedom to explore the world of ideas outside those often traditionally imposed on one by family and community. During her free time she enjoys staying active, cooking and traveling.