ECE 321

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Advanced Practicum in Early Childhood Education

This advanced practicum course provides supervised field experience in an early childhood education program. Students will participate as teachers in a classroom with young children and attend weekly lectures.

  • Students will plan and implement long-term curriculum projects with young children, applying their skills in observation, assessment, documentation, and interpretation of children’s work.
  • Students will develop and supervise the overall setting for learning and demonstrate skill in guiding children’s behavior, managing groups, and building relationships with children and families.
  • Students will be assigned to the campus Child Development Center or selected schools for supervised laboratory practicum. Students may also complete up to 50 percent of their lab hours at off campus sites if they are employed at least 20 hours per week at the site.
  • Students completing any hours at off campus sites must be under the direct supervision of a staff person eligible for or holding a Master Teacher Permit or higher level permit.
  • Students may also complete lab under the supervision of a mentor teacher selected by the California Early Childhood Mentor Teacher Program coordinated by Los Rios District Early Childhood Education faculty.