College Success Tips

These 15 tips describe strategies and resources that promote success in college, including online postings, special events, counseling courses, workshops, and programs.

  • Tip #1: Students Rights and Responsibilities

    Students are members of both society and the academic community with attendant rights and responsibilities.

    Students are expected to comply… MORE >>

  • Tip #2: Financial Aid

    There are a number of financial support services that are available to college students including enrollment fee waivers, grants,… MORE >>

  • Tip #3: Note Taking

    Note taking involves recording ideas and facts that you learn in class to help you remember and use them… MORE >>

  • Tip #4: Goal Setting

    “It is difficult to act without a clear picture of where you are going.” (Boldt 2001).

    Goal setting is a… MORE >>

  • Tip #5: Time Management

    Time management involves balancing all the activities in which a person participates within the confines of the week.

    Today’s college… MORE >>

  • Tip #6: Student Support Services

    Student support services include prevention, assistance, transition and follow-up services for students.

  • Tip #7: Academic Resources

    Academic resources include all resources from which college students may benefit.

    At Sacramento City College, these resources include the library;… MORE >>

  • Tip #8: Test Taking

    Successful test taking involves specific strategies before and during a test.  These strategies will allow you to gauge how… MORE >>

  • Tip #9: Stress Management

    Why do so many students get sick around exam time?  Stress manifests itself as a psychological or physical reaction… MORE >>

  • Tip #10: Critical Thinking

    In Becoming a Critical Thinker, Sherry Diestler defines a critical thinker as “someone who uses specific criteria to evaluate… MORE >>

  • Tip #11: Reading

    Reading in college involves interpreting all written texts relating to classes.

    Have you ever finished reading something only to realize… MORE >>

  • Tip #12: Relationships

    Establishing relationships is a part of developing social competency for college students.

    Relationships can be established with class mates, new… MORE >>

  • Tip #13: Healthy Lifestyles

    Creating healthy lifestyles requires us to learn the consequences our behaviors can have on our health.

    When we become informed… MORE >>

  • Tip #14: Self Awareness

    Self awareness is a way for us to explore our individual personalities, value systems, beliefs, natural inclinations, and tendencies.

    Because… MORE >>

  • Tip #15: Life After Community College

    Whether it means continuing one’s education, transitioning to the workforce, moving, getting married, traveling, or some other significant life… MORE >>