Become a Beacon Tutor


Beacon tutors are Sacramento City College students who…

  • are enrolled in at least 6 units
  • work directly with an instructor and the students in one or more of the instructor’s classes.

Beacon tutors are paid up to 5 hours per week:

  • one-hour consulting with the instructor
  • one hour preparing for group sessions
  • one hour attending the instructor’s class
  • two hours facilitating a group setting.


  • instructors choose experienced or qualified students who have performed well in their class
  • students submit an instructor-endorsed application before the announced deadline (usually near the end of the prior semester)
  • the Beacon coordinator reviews applications, hires, and oversees all Beacon tutors


Beacon tutors must take a one-unit, online training class (LTAT 311, Introduction to Group Peer Tutoring) before or during the first semester of work as a tutor.

Beacon tutors who have earned a 4-year degree are exempt from the training course requirement but are encouraged to take the course; if they do choose to waive the course, these students must provide proof of their degree completion along with their application.

Beacon tutors can begin (paid) work with students and the instructor AFTER their applications have been processed and they have submitted the required employment paperwork. They may work while enrolled in the tutor training course.


Beacon tutors are compensated minimum wage and must submit a monthly time sheet signed by their instructor-supervisor.

When the Beacon funds are restricted due to budget cuts, applications may be prioritized in order to provide coverage across as many courses and disciplines as possible.


Beacon Tutor Application

Pick up a Beacon Tutor Application from the Learning Skills & Tutoring Center (LRC-144).


Learning Skills & Tutoring Center Front Desk

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