LTAT 310: Introduction to Individual Peer Tutoring

This course meets the Title 5 requirement that “all tutors successfully complete instruction in tutoring methods and use of appropriate written and mediated instructional materials including supervised practice tutoring.”

The course content focuses on the role of peer tutors, tutoring ethics, and a range of tutoring methods and strategies through learning modules, discussion, practice, assessments, and reflection.


Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • list goals and objectives of tutoring and tutor training.
  • describe the steps for organizing, conducting, and concluding a tutoring session.
  • analyze goals for the tutoring session and establish a plan of action.
  • construct learning objectives for individual tutoring sessions and students.
  • employ a variety of strategies to tutor course content and study skills.
  • manage time and activities in a tutoring session.
  • demonstrate and employ active listening skills, effective questioning skills, and speaking skills in a tutoring session.
  • appraise and describe effective study skills and strategies for the courses being tutored.
  • analyze and explain how cultural diversity influences tutoring.
  • assess his or her performance in order to improve as a tutor.

Class Schedule