Refer Students to Tutoring

“The student’s peer group is the single most potent source of influence on growth and development during undergraduate years.” Alexander Astin, researcher and author

Please take a moment to refer students to tutoring by using one of the two methods below:


This process saves time and effectively refers all students on your rosters to any of the tutoring centers on campus, as well as placing us in compliance with Title 5 regulations.

  1. at the beginning of every semester, log in to LRCCD Intranet
  2. go to  Online Grade Reporting and Class Rosters
  3. click the ‘Refer Students’ button under the Supervised Tutoring Referral.

Intranet Referral

Early Alert

This referral also allows you to identify specific needs for students who may have challenges in your class.

  1. log in with your employee ID and password to Early Assistance Referral System
  2. fill out the referral form for the specific services you think are needed
  3. add specific messages to either student or the service areas.
  4. once you submit, we will receive notification of the Early Alert Referral, and will follow up with the student.

Early Alert Referral