Workshop Descriptions

We continue to welcome new workshop suggestions from faculty, students, and staff.

Workshop Calendar

Brief descriptions of some of the workshops we have previously offered are listed below:

Academic Honesty

Do you know the “core principles” of academic honesty?  Come to this workshop to find what they are and why they are important.

Becoming a Successful College Student

Got what it takes to be an A+ student?  Come and learn the tips and tricks necessary to be the best student you can be.

College Culture

For all of you first-time students wondering what to expect, this workshop helps to adjust to college life and all that it has to offer.

Creative and Critical Thinking

This workshop covers how to become a fair-minded, critical thinker, able to use thoughts and ideas creatively to problem-solve.

Decoding Math Problems

Learn different ways to make learning math better and more efficient.  Learn how to make your time spent worthwhile and productive.

Dictionary Resources

The dictionary can be your best friend.  This workshop shows you how to make the dictionary, both online and print, work for you.

Giving A Successful Presentation

A how-to workshop on preparing for a presentation or speech covering tips and common mistakes applicable to all students.

Healthy Lifestyles – Healthy Relationships

Are your relationships or your lifestyle interfering with your studies? Let us help you get on track to be healthy.

Interview Skills

Not sure what it takes to ace an interview for that internship or summer job?  Come by and let us show you the right way to present yourself during an interview.

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences Workshop

What is your learning style?  How can you best learn with that learning style?

Listening Strategies

Learn techniques to make you a better listener…in class and in life.

Math Word Problems

Learn different techniques for solving word problems.  Take the mystery and anxiety away from these types of math exercises.

Math Lecture Tips

Learn different approaches to learning from math lectures.  Learn how to make the teacher’s lecture work for you.

Math Anxiety

Are you afraid of math or nervous about the idea of learning math?  Then this workshop could be your answer.  This workshop focuses on how to obtain the ability to learn and master the subject.


Come relax with us and learn new ways to make the stress of the day melt away through meditation.

Mid-semester Reality Check

You’ve reached the half-way point. Assess how you are doing and what you can do to improve.


Learn how to prepare organized, written records of information which help students learn,  study and succeed in any course.

Preparing for Finals- Part I

Get in gear mentally and get organized before finals start.

Preparing for Finals- Part II

Strategies for studying for finals, test-taking strategies and managing test anxiety.

Reading and Text Reading Skills Workshop

“I read the book, but I couldn’t remember anything for the quiz.”  Does this sound familiar? This workshop will help you develop a successful strategy for textbook reading.

Self-discovery and Personal Growth

The best way to understand the world around you is to understand yourself.  What better way to understand yourself, than to come to this workshop?  You will learn how to listen to your inner self and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Setting Goals for College and Life

What do you want from college? From life? Come to the goal-setting workshop to learn about turning your dreams and hopes into achievable, measurable goals.

Stress Management and Relaxation

Stress hurts.  This workshop will help you fight unnecessary stressors that bother you most and teach you ways to deal with stressors that you can’t avoid.

Strategies for Timed Essay Exams

Essay exams are part knowledge and part strategy.  We can’t help you with the knowledge part but we can help you with the strategy.  Come and learn some great ways to get through those timed in-class essay exams!

Study Skills

Got study skills?  If not or you just want to improve the skills you have, join us for this informative workshop.  You will learn the skills needed to succeed and ways to maintain the good study skills you already have.

Study Smart in College – Part I

Learn effective study habits and strategies and how to eliminate distractions.

Study Smart in College – Part II

Learn how to take advantage of college tutoring and how to get the most from tutoring.

Test Anxiety

Who’s afraid of the big bad test?  If you are, let us help ease the fear with a little guidance on how to get over test anxiety and let yourself shine on any exam.

Time Management

Let us share some ways to get time on your side, leaving time for yourself.

The Benefits of Being a Tutor

Would you like to work on campus, sharing your knowledge and helping other students?  If so, this workshop is for you.