Queer-Straight Alliance

The Sacramento City College Queer-Straight Alliance is a student-run club that celebrates the culture, politics, and sociology of LGBTQIA individuals.

The club meets every Monday from 12-12:50 in PAC 121, and every Thursday from 12-12:50 in PAC 124.

Club meetings include current events, discussions, activities, and socializing.  The QSA also has off-campus trips including beach days, camping, and hiking, as well as occasional movie nights showing popular LGBT-themed films. QSA meetings are supportive safe spaces for LGBTQIA and allies to meet.

Please contact the club at qsa.scc@gmail.com for details. 25358_356759918801_269386948801_3638811_7203200_n 39520_441063483801_269386948801_5274623_2170961_n 62419_437042453801_269386948801_5198200_833841_n 163025_472136473801_269386948801_5754876_309660_n