What is AB 620?

AB 620, also known as the Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education Act, was signed into California law in 2011.

The act requires community colleges, CSUs, and UCs to adopt and publish policies on harassment, intimidation and bullying. It also requires each college to designate an employee at each of their respective campuses as a point of contact to address the needs of LGBT faculty, staff and students. The law also revises the definition of gender to include “gender expression” for purposes of the Equity in Higher Education Act. All students have the right to a welcoming, inclusive campus atmosphere, and AB 620 helps to protect that right.

You can find more information about AB 620 at the Equality California website.

Equity and AB 620 Officer Contact Information

Associate Vice President: Julia Jolly
Office: RHN 257
Email: JollyJ@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2407