Food & Drink Guidelines

Some food and drink is allowed when using the 2nd and 3rd floors of the LRC. Please keep your library beautiful and observe the following guidelines.

Learning Skills & Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Academic Computing Lab (First Floor)

  • No food is permitted.
  • Water in bottles with closable tops is allowed; drinks other than water are not permitted.
  • No beverages are allowed near computer workstations.

Library (2nd floor)

  • Snacks and drinks in closed containers are allowed.
  • Keep food and drink away from computer workstations, photocopiers, and library materials.

When bringing food and drink into the Library:

  • Keep it light. Messy, greasy, odorous and/or noisy foods are not allowed in the library. Group and/or party foods (full-sized plates of food, pizza, cake, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Dispose of everything properly. Place recyclables in recycling bins and non-recyclable garbage in trash cans.
  • Leave no trace. Please leave library furnishings and resources in the same condition as you found them. Report any spills or messes to library staff immediately.

Note: Library staff reserve the right to ask anyone to remove inappropriate food and drink from the library. Refusal to comply with library staff requests constitutes a violation of the Library User Policy. Repeat offenders may lose library privileges.

Bottom line: Please respect our shared space as well as each other. The success of Sacramento City College students, staff, and faculty requires an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity.