Classes & Workshops

The tools are here, but how do you use them?

Your instructors and your future employers expect you to know how to find, evaluate, and use information. Taking library orientations and courses will help you succeed.

Face-to-Face Workshops

Learn the basics of finding books and articles for your projects. Many instructors offer extra credit for attending these 50-minute sessions.


PILOT, our Canvas-based research tutorials, will help you gain insight into the research process, develop effective research strategies, and become familiar with the Library’s primary research tool, OneSearch.

Library Courses (LIBR)

Library credit courses are designed to equip students with vital research skills, enabling their success in college classes and on the job.

Library & Information Technology Program

The Library and Information Technology program is designed to assist students in the development of a wide range of technical skills in both library and media services that can lead to or enhance employment in the library field as paraprofessionals. Additionally, the curriculum is a valuable introduction to the field for students who plan to go into graduate studies to become librarians.