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The Sacramento City College Library credit courses are designed to equip students with vital research skills, enabling their success in college classes and on the job. Students will gain research survival skills to cope with the information-rich environment in which they live and work. In particular, these classes teach students how to find and evaluate information from a variety of sources.


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Below are some courses that are taught regularly. For the complete list of our courses, please see the Course Catalog.

LIBR 307, Medical Information Resources (1 Unit)

This hands-on course will explore print and electronic sources of medical information. It is designed for people working in libraries with medical resources or individuals interested in the medical field.

LIBR 318, Library Research and Information Literacy (1 Unit)

This course provides the information competency skills necessary to conduct academic or personal research. It offers a step-by-step guide to the research process that is applicable to term papers, course work, and life-long learning.

LIBR 325, Internet Research Skills (3 Units)

This course is an introductory survey to the content, use, and the evaluation of electronic information sources. Emphasis is placed on the effective use of the Internet as a research tool. This course covers free Internet search tools as well as subscription databases. Communication services such as email, groups, and blogs are also studied as are emerging services and technologies as appropriate. Searching strategies are covered as are techniques for selecting appropriate search tools for different research needs. Historical and social issues surrounding the Internet are also discussed. This course will also discuss the use Internet technologies in libraries. The Internet seeking and evaluation skills learned in this class are critical to anyone who is seeking employment in a library setting.