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Black Panther crouching
Come hear Professors Gioia Fonda and Hayley Laird discuss the history of Marvel’s Black Panther and his connections to Northern California.

The Library is sponsoring this event on Thursday, October 18, from 12 pm to 1 pm in the Student Center.

This will also be the kickoff of a special Black Panther-focused contest. Come learn all about it! Fabulous prizes!

Through October, the second floor of the LRC has election-themed materials on display. Learn about California’s propositions, the voting process and how to spot and overcome fake news.

The last day to register to vote is October 22, 2018. Don’t be left out!

Looking to get more information about the election? Try these resources:

Poster titled "Be a Smart Voter", with infographics on fake newsDisplay showing each California proposition

In the display:
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The Library’s six study rooms get a lot of traffic, and until now you’ve needed to come to the Research Help Desk to check on availability and reserve the room. Not anymore.

Now you can make your reservation online, from any computer or smartphone.
Study room signup interface

When you make a reservation, an email confirmation will be sent to your Los Rios Gmail account, and you’ll even get a reminder a couple hours before the reservation. You can easily delete or reschedule your appointments, too.

You can always find a link to the schedule at the Group Study Rooms page on the Library website.

So much talent at our college! From now through Summer Session, the 2nd floor of the LRC will feature a display of books authored or edited by our faculty. Come visit over the summer, and also take a look at our guide to works by Sac City College authors.

Note: the Library will be open for Summer session from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday, June 10 – Thursday, August 9.

In the display:
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Do we have your attention now? Often you’ll see this sort of thing, an appeal to sex just to get you to pay attention to something else, like cars, whiskey, jeans, or even burgers. But no, we actually want you to think about sex; why so much of our culture seems to center on it, its physiology and politics. Come have a look at our display on the 2nd floor of the LRC through April, and check out a book or video.

Sex-themed books on display

Just in case there’s any confusion: you can do lots of things in the library—talk, study, snack—but you are not allowed to have sex in the library (or anywhere else on campus). Why is that? Some of these books might help you answer.

Here’s the full list is of titles:
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The Library now has laptops available for 4-hour checkout! If you need to use a computer, but want to achieve a Zen-like focus on the silent-study 3rd floor, or simulate the Starbucks vibe in the comfy seating area, these are for you.

Just see how they improve the experience of a study room:
Students studying in a study room
Students studying in a study room (same as previous picture) with a laptop on the table

See how much happier the students in the second picture are?

Laptops can be borrowed for up to four hours at a time and can be used anywhere in the LRC. For more details, ask at the circulation desk.

How many digits of Pi have you memorized?

Come to LR220 on Wednesday, March 14 at 4 pm and show off your math memorization skills. Or just come to watch the fun.

Sign up at the Research Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the LRC if you want to compete.

Prizes to be announced at a later date.

Spring Library courses (LIBR) will help you master the skills and concepts you need to succeed in a wide range of courses at SCC and beyond, and also give you a perspective on information; when people speak of “fake news” and “credible sources,” you’ll be the expert in the room.

  • LIBR 325, Internet Research Skills, is a more wide-ranging 3-unit course where you will master search strategies and grapple with the complexities of online communication.
  • LIBR 318, Library Research and Information Literacy, is a 1-unit, second-8-week course, great for getting started on how to approach research projects.
  • LIBR 307, Medical Information Resources, is a 1-unit, second-8-week course perfect for students planning a career in medical or Allied Health fields.

All three courses are taught online; neither requires a textbook purchase.

Note: if you register and then receive word that the course is ineligible for financial aid, please consult the Make Your Courses Count page and contact a counselor. The course may be eligible for financial aid even if you initially receive notice that it is not.

Interested in a career in libraries? Check out our Library and Information Technology Program.

Happy finals week! We advise that over the winter break, you retreat to a warm spot and (what else..) read! Take advantage of our over-the-break special:

Through Thursday, December 14, faculty, staff, and continuing students may check out books and DVDs for the duration of winter break (two non-reserve items for students).

Ask for the over-the-break special at the Circulation Desk; books and DVDs will be due back by Wednesday, January 17.

Find your book or movie:

  • by using the OneSearch box on the library home page;
  • in our new books and media lists;
  • on our New Books shelves, the Library display shelves, and the circulating DVD collection—all located on the 2nd floor of the LRC.

A few ideas:
The tattoo dictionary : an A-Z guide to choosing your tattoo, by Trent Aitken-Smith The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks DVD Hidden figures DVD The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen Nasty women : feminism, resistance, and revolution in Trump's America, edited by Samhita Mukhopadhyay and Kate Harding The attention merchants : the epic scramble to get inside our heads by Tim Wu.

The Library will close for the break on Thursday, December 14 at 9:30 pm. We will reopen for Spring classes on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9 am. See our Hours page for more details.