Group Study Rooms

Six rooms are available on the 2nd floor of the LRC for group study.

Rooms 209-212 hold up to 5 people. Rooms A & B hold up to 8 people.

The rooms are equipped with whiteboards. Markers and erasers may be checked out at the Research Help desk.

Reserve a Study Room


  1. Reservations can be made for up to two (2) hours per day per group. A group means two (2) or more current SCC students engaged in academic work related to SCC classes. No tutoring, clubs, office hours or other meetings.
  2. Groups may not circumvent the above 2-hour limit by signing up for multiple sessions in a single day using different names.
  3. Groups arriving more than ten (10) minutes past their reserved time can be “bumped”; the room becomes available to other groups. In order to occupy the room,  more than one person from the group must have arrived.
  4. Study rooms are subject to the same food and drink guidelines as the rest of the library.
  5. The rooms are not soundproof. Users need to keep their noise level within sensible boundaries.