Textbooks on Reserve

Find textbooks or other materials currently on reserve for your class. Bring the call number to the Circulation Desk. If you can’t find the book, we still might have it. Check with a librarian.

About Reserves

Note: this process does not work consistently for books at SCC’s outreach centers. For those books, check the library Web pages for the Davis Center and West Sacramento Center.

How long can I check out reserve textbooks?

Because of the high demand for these materials, they can normally be checked out for 2 hours. In some cases, you can check them out for 1 day or 1 week.

Where are the textbooks and how can I get them?

Textbooks on reserve are kept at the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LRC. To borrow a reserve textbook, you need to bring the call number and have your student ID card with you. You also need to be currently enrolled in classes within Los Rios.

How do I find the call number?

You can start by using the form on this page, which is designed to find textbooks quickly. Or you can go directly to the OneSearch and use the following technique:

  1. Enter the department code, number, and professor’s last name. Examples of good searches:
    • engwr 300 Selva
    • admj 320 Kalar
    • math 100 Larson

    You can also use a word from the title or the author’s last name to narrow it down, but this is usually not necessary. If you misspell the professor’s last name or any other keywords, the search will not work.

  2. If the book does not appear, and you are sure your information about the course is correct, try entering the author’s last name and the book’s title in the search box. If you still can’t find it, ask a librarian for help.
  3. Call number displayed in OneSearch

    Call number displayed in OneSearch

    Once you’ve located the book, the call number appears in a table near the book’s title. Check the location to make sure it is at SCC-Circ Desk and not some other library.

Can I put a textbook on hold so I know it’s there when I’m ready for it?

Reserve textbooks are available first-come, first served; they cannot be held/requested online. In some cases, a different Los Rios library may have a copy of the textbook that is not on reserve; in this case you could request that copy online and pick it up at the SCC library.

How do I know if my textbook is available right now?

When you’ve located the book in the OneSearch, check the Status. If it says “Available” or “Recently Returned,” the book is available to be checked out. If you see a date and time, the book is currently checked out and is due at the time shown there. In some cases you might see “Missing” or “Billed”—the book in this case is not available.

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