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Librarians are here to help with your course assignments, class projects, speeches, debates, and research papers.

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Library hours including Spring Break.

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Library Workshops Start Monday, February 2.

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  • Get ahead on your assignments and papers.
  • Take the guesswork out of finding books, ebooks, online journal and newspaper articles, and the many other resources available to you through the SCC Library.

50-minute, face-to-face Library workshops are held throughout the semester on the second floor of the LRC.

For details, visit the Library website.

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Supreme City by Donald L. MillerThe Book of Immortality by Adam GolinerA Chinaman's Chance by Eric LiuIt's a Jungle in There by David A. Rosenbaum

Have you checked out the newest arrivals at the library? Ranging from guides that can help you with your courses to the latest best-selling non-fiction, these new arrivals are not to be missed. Not sure where to start? You can browse the New Books List or search by title, author, or subject.

Don’t forget to visit the New Books & Videos page to find out about the latest books, DVDs, and eBooks. Each listing has a link directly to the library catalog, so you can quickly locate or request the item.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can borrow these new titles. Checking out books or DVDs is simple; all you need is your student or employee ID card and you are good to go! Using ebooks might take some figuring out—when you have questions, take a look at our ebook guide or Ask a Librarian.

Happy reading!

Top 20 ebooks you’ve cracked open this semester:

  1. Introduction to Technical Services  (textbook!)World Music a Global History
  2. Reference and Information Services : An Introduction  (textbook!)
  3. World Music : A Global Journey  (textbook!)
  4. Is Human Nature Obsolete? : Genetics Bioengineering, and the Future of the Human Condition
  5. Nursing Diagnoses in Psychiatric Nursing : Care Plans and Psychotropic Medications
  6. Pregnancy, Birth, and the Early Months : The Thinking Woman’s Guide
  7. Ethics, Money, and Sport : This Sporting MammonA History of the Modern Middle East
  8. A History of the Modern Middle East
  9. Slavery in the United States: A Social, Political, and Historical Encyclopedia
  10. The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health
  11. Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia
  12. Counseling Individuals With Life-threatening Illness
  13. Careers in Accounting
  14. Lukan’s Documentation for Physical Therapist Assistants
  15. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass : An American SlaveGrading Student Achievement
  16. Islam, Muslims, and America : Understanding the Basis of Their Conflict
  17. The Parenting Journey : From Conception Through the Teen Years
  18. Autism, Discrimination and the Law : A Quick Guide for Parents, Educators and Employers
  19. Grading Student Achievement in Higher Education : Signals and Shortcomings
  20. Laugh Yourself Thin : Making Happiness, Fun, and Pleasure the Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

Find these ebooks and many, many more in OneSearch, read them on your computer or other device, and download them! (The guide for downloading ebooks is for those accessed through EBSCO.)

Hope you don’t have a problem with that.

A set of math displays in the LRC lobby adds to your love of numbers.

Up a floor, in the Library, count on a quantity of math books on the second floor display shelves:

Math books: mathemtics minus fear; The universal book of mathematics; Mathematics 1001
No argument, you will value the range of math topics. Many books in the display relate to everyday functions.

Math is everywhere! 

Display of math books in the library

Math Day Activities in the Learning Resource Center.:

Math Month Activities and Presentations

April 9, 2014

9 – 9:30 amDosageMary JamesLRC Lobby
9:30 – 10 amMath and Musical RhythmRob KnableLRC Lobby
10 – 10:30 amMath and SoundMark WebsterLRC lobby or LR141
10:30 – 11 am 
11 – 11:30 amRadical GeometryDr. Deb BryantLRC lobby
11:30 am – 12 pmChalk SpirographGioia Fonda
12 – 12:30 pmDance + MusicTrinidad + RobOutside LRC
12:30 – 1 pmStatistics in 1850Mark HarbisonLRC 220
1 – 1:30 pm 
1:30 – 2 pm 
2 – 2:30 pmRoman NumeralsGabriella NuttallLRC Lobby
2:30 – 3 pmArt and MathJose DiGregorioOutside LRC