Learning Tutoring and Academic Technology (LTAT)

The mission of the LTAT Department is to provide resources for the campus community to foster learning and incorporate technology into instruction.  Learning Skills and Tutoring provides a wide range of tutoring services to assist students with meeting their academic needs.  The Writing Center provides tutorial services to enhance students’ writing proficiency across all academic disciplines.  Distance Education provides program-level support to faculty in disciplines engaging in distance education instructional modalities and provides guidance regarding regulatory compliance, accreditation issues, and best practices for distance-based instruction.  Instructional Development provides support for the various academic computing resources and instructional technologies provided to students and faculty.

Faculty & Staff

Media Resources Supervisor Alex Adan
Email: AdanA@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2215
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 110

Coordinator/Professor Susan Griffin 
Email: GriffiS@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-650-2791
Office Location: Learning Resource Center,  LRC 145

Coordinator Dr. Kandace Knudson
Email: KnudsoK@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2636
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 112

Coordinator/Asst Professor Brian Pogue 
Email: PogueB@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2637
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 112

Coordinator Loretta Richard 
Email: RicharL@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2183
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 151

Coordinator Liz Stevenson 
Email: StevenE@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2600
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 150

Librarian/Professor Nicole Woolley
Email: WoolleN@scc.losrios.edu
Phone: 916-558-2509
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 234