CCC Maker Regional Meet Up at Hacker Lab – Sierra College



SCC Maker Planning Team up in Rocklin

What a great day. Sac City was well represented at the regional meet up hosted by CCC Maker (Deborah Bird and Salomon Davila from Pasadena CC) along with Carol Pepper-Kittredge from Sierra College.

The day was spent with a full agenda of brainstorming our makerspace using design thinking, along with some hands-on experience at the Hacker Lab. Wow, 15,000 square feet of a makerspace, meeting space, etc. we were quite impressed.

Representing the SCC Makerspace Planning Team was Gabriel Meehan, Ka Shun (Sean) Tse, Tracey Hodge, Mark Boguski, Don Palm, Michelle Zamora, and Tom Cappelletti.


At the Hacker Lab / Sierra College in Rocklin