SCC Makerspace Institutional Self-Study

Pouring over data from industry, interviews with faculty and staff, and of course students, along with data provided by PRIE (thank you Marybeth), we have assembled a snapshot of our campus population with this self study.

Please download the PDF here


The SCC Makerspace Planning Team is conducting this informal self study to inform and prepare our college’s Makerspace Implementation Plan, to clarify our specific needs and identify opportunities that would best serve our students. Intended to be a living document, we will gather and analyze student, program and institutional data, investigate industry, community and regional information, and stakeholder needs and attitudes. We will identify institutional strengths and weaknesses by analyzing our institutional profile.

We will review and analyze existing systems, resources and data as a baseline for our makerspace project development. The purpose of this data review is to help our planning team identify and define the right questions, problems and solutions for our college.

As we proceed to identify stakeholders and develop our ecosystem (using Kumu), we seek to use data to investigate issues related to equity and underserved populations. We ask questions on how a makerspace at SCC could address gaps in access, engage our students in the maker movement, and ultimately increase student success rates. This success includes, but is not limited to, course and program completion rates, increased pathways to rewarding careers in our region, and developing strong and relevant skills.