Brainmatter – Sac City students making huge brain

As part of the CCC Maker Grant Proposal for the makerspace here on campus, we are conducting a student maker event here on campus. We plan to exhibit this sometime  at the Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo on May 20, as the chancellor’s office has a booth for the CCC Maker statewide project

This is completely the students’ idea, and student-driven, with Professors Terry Peterson, Jim Town, and Tom Cappelletti getting supplies, coaching, and cheerleading (and buying pizza on occasion). Over 30 students showed up to the first planning session, over in the computer lab, and immediately started “brainstorming” ideas. Faculty went over the CCC Maker Project and how Sacramento City College is moving fast and furiously FORWARD (our school motto) on developing a robust Makerspace here on campus, hopefully open early next year.

During our second meet up, now named “Powered By Pizza” haha, students formed into four working groups, called the Fabrication Team (to build and construct), the Programming Team (to create interactivity via Arduinos and controllers), the Media Team, to work on publicity, imagery, a Go Fund Me: SCC’s “The BrainMatter Project” – GoFundMe and finally the Documentation Team, a group of students that have been documenting the CCC Maker Project here since January with posters, photos, and a 5 minute video (coming soon). In fact, they did the 2 minute video on the student project embedded above.

Dee Benitez Gonzalez is our Student Lead, running herd on all of us. We have a very active Slack (with 41 members!) operating with multiple team channels buzzing away and making those annoying “slack” alert tones all day long. Kyle Braver leads the Programming Team, and AJ Dellaringa leads the Fabrication Team, with Sara Wolfgang patterning the 8 ft. brain, and Nicole Sivell over in the Costume Shop posted this 1/8 scale brain mockup.

Remember, the final inflatable brain will be 7 to 8 feet across!

brain matter mock upCisco Vasquez and Tanish Jindal, along with Kim Glaster, are working the Media Team, and of course Michelle Zamora on the Documentation Team. Students working on the maker project started a go-fund-me page to raise additional funds to cover expenses and buy more tickets so more of them can attend the Maker Faire.