About Us

Who we are

The SCC Makerspace is an interdisciplinary hub for learning and making at the intersection of design and technology. Above all else, our canopy, our umbrella, which spans across all we do, is that we believe in equity and access for all. Under this canopy of equity, our makerspace is supported by three main pillars: Education, Business, and Community.

Everything we do falls under these pillars, aiming to step away from the more traditional classroom structure as we strive to offer new ways for students to learn – bringing businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities into clear site and changing the physical environment to promote collaboration and community.

We see learning as an inclusive space for students of all backgrounds to explore creativity and making—from design and technological innovation to building soft skills and practicing problem solving in team settings.

Mission & Vision

We are creating a maker environment, where students are actively mentored and encouraged to collaborate and develop ideas together, to wander and explore via project-based learning.


  • We value equity and access for all
  • We encourage all to imagine possibilities
  • We believe through collaboration and coaching, great ideas emerge
  • We foster an environment to explore, wander, dive deep, and learn


Education— We offer a very unique learning environment. The makerspace is creating coursework based on critical thinking and hands-on learning processes. Faculty are encouraged to send their students to the makerspace to work on their assignments where they have the opportunity to be surrounded by other skilled students.

The makerspace offers “Makermatic,” a unique internship opportunity for students to work in teams with employers to solve real-world business challenges. We’re in the “business” of creating hands-on learning environments, understanding that building and making leads to deeper learning experiences.


SCC Makerspace accepts clients from our campus community and outside parties. The makerspace gives our community the opportunity to work with students while also giving students the opportunity to go through the whole process of the inception of the design to polished production.


SCC Makerspace is a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals. Our community of makers includes industry leaders, students, staff, and faculty from all disciplines and backgrounds.

We engage our campus community through outreach and maker events on and off campus, creating a colorful network of makers, innovators, and design thinkers who are passionate about problem-solving and changing the world.


The Sacramento City College Makerspace comprises students, faculty, staff, student workers, instructional assistants, lab technicians and a physical environment in which to work. We aim to achieve an open-minded, inclusive culture with students and staff that take initiative, value collaboration, think positively, and are passionate about making. Furthermore, we hope to demonstrate a positive mental attitude at all times in the makerspace, creating a maker-culture of positive mindsets.

The space is designed to encourage collaboration on projects for school or for personal exploration. While we love to see students working together, we also encourage individual tinkering and play.

Our supplies, equipment, and tools make up a large part of the SCC Makerspace. It is up to you, as student staff, to respect this space by using our equipment, materials, and supplies with care, and to return the space better than you found it.

Cleaning up after yourself, and others, is essential in keeping this space a natural and functional working environment. Please be mindful of food, drink, homework etc. that you or others may have left behind. We are not responsible for lost homework or misplaced personal items.

Finally, we hope you have fun. This is a great place to work, full of people that have unique skill-sets and are willing to share, collaborate, and create!

SCC Makerspace PLC
(Faculty & Staff Professional Learning Community)

The SCC Makerspace professional learning community (PLC) serves as an important component to direct the success, sustainability, and future growth of the SCC Makerspace and its mission. The PLC continues the cross-discipline contributions that began with the creation of the makerspace itself. Our goal is to support and encourage maker-centered learning, support our fellow educators as they engage with new or challenging ideas in their practice, constantly striving to address equity issues and the historical lack of success of underrepresented minority and low income students in their college level courses.

Expectations of Makerspace PLC members:
Attend meetings bi-weekly (approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each), addressing the goals, planning, governance and operations of the makerspace.

We serve as ‘change agents’ for the SCC campus by communicating with our colleagues, departments, and divisions about the SCC Makerspace and its offerings.

Missy Anapolsky, Halsey Boyd, Tom Cappelletti, Gioia Fonda, Cody O’Ferrall, Terry Peterson, Pam Posz, Jim Town, Mark Webster

Classified Staff:
Andrey Kovalenko, Erin McDowell

Student Reps:
Sam Liff, Neil Sonico

Gabriel Meehan, Associate Vice President, Instruction

PLC Meeting Minutes
(PDF Documents)

09.13.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

09.27.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

10.11.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

10.25.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

11.08.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

11.22.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

12.06.2019 Minutes from Makerspace PLC Meeting

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