Maria Regalado

Maria Regalado teaches PSYC 300, General Principles of Psychology and PSYC 320, Social Psychology courses at Sacramento City College in both online and face-to-face modalities. Students can contact Dr. Regalado regarding the mandatory orientation for Online PSYC 300 or Online PSYC 320 or other information by phone, email, or during office hours.

To Contact

Online PSYC 300 and Online PSYC 320 Orientations

I will be sending out information regarding the orientation and the course in an email a few days before the semester begins. Please make sure your email account at Sacramento City College is active so that you can receive my emails.

Enrolled and waitlisted students must complete the online orientation in Canvas as soon as the course begins. Students who are on the waitlist need to contact me by email,, letting me know you are still interested in registering for the course. I will then send you a permission number in order for you to enroll in the course as soon as possible and complete the online orientation in Canvas. The course website becomes available in Canvas on the first day of the semester. You must place yourself on a waitlist for one of my courses in order to receive a permission number.

The first assignment you must complete in order to remain enrolled in the course is the mandatory online orientation. Once the Canvas course website opens on the first day of the semester, everything you will need to complete the required orientation successfully can be accessed from the course website in Canvas. This includes the course syllabus and access to the Quizzes area in Canvas where you will complete the required Orientation Quiz once you read and understand the course syllabus. Completion of the Orientation Quiz with a score of 100% is necessary in order to remain enrolled in the course. You will not be able to continue in the course if you have not completed the Orientation Quiz with a score of 100% by the deadline stated in the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to interacting with you as we proceed on our journey to seek more understanding about human behaviors and mental processes and as we apply this understanding within the context of life experiences.

Best wishes for a successful beginning,

Dr. Regalado