2nd Chance!

The 2nd Chance program is designed for students who got a high D in Spring Semester 2019 in one of the following classes:

Math 100Math 103Math 104Math 34Math 120
Math 124Math 134Math 135Math 123Stats 300*

* Stats 300 is a separate program

Students enroll in the program after being referred by their instructors.  They attend 3 days of workshops designed to hone their math/stats skills, and then students take a new version of their final exam.  Their effort and new score are passed to their instructor who then determines whether a grade change is warranted.  To complete the program, students should expect to attend each session and participate fully and wholeheartedly.

Update: So 2nd chance, what is it?  You work hard, you put in effort, focused effort.  3 days of it, exceptions honored with explanation.  Your D moves to a C – depending on your performance on a new final exam come next Wednesday.

There is a high success rate in this program, and effort is necessary, participation is warranted, you take agency of your future by devoting time and effort to this next week.

Come to RHS 162 (Math Lab) tomorrow by 9 a.m.  You will establish a plan to get through it.  You will get through it.  Imagine a week from now, you’re done, you rocked it.  A few days later, your Incomplete (I) or D is expunged, you get a C.  You move forward unabridged into the future you designed a while ago, no longer carrying the barrier of having to retake a class and shift possibly your completion time.

See you in the morning.  Bring anything you think might be relevant (notes, quizzes, tests, a photo, personal items).  And sleep well this evening.

The workshops are led by faculty and supported by experienced campus tutors.  Expect to attend the following days/times:

Second Chance Workshop Series – All workshops in RHS162 (Math Lab)
Friday, May 319a-1pWorkshopping
Saturday, June 19a-1pWorkshopping – continue to refine skills
Monday, June 39a-1pContinued refinement, getting ready for final!
Tuesday, June 49a-11aNew final exam!