Math Mania!

Math Mania was an engaging, amazing math experience that was held in August 2019.

Designed especially for entering high school students who are enrolling in an SCC Fall 2019 math class.

Students had fun, formed friendships, networked with staff and faculty, gained self-confidence in math, and got their Fall ’19 texts for free!  They also learned where to get math support on campus and met some of the math peer mentors on campus.\

Check out some of the photos below!

The Official Math Mania Flyer (follow the given link)

Math Mania Flyer


Math Mania! sunflower graphic with radial pattern overlay

Registration is closed at this time.

We hope to continue to hold these events between semesters.  Bookmark this page and revisit towards the end of each semester for upcoming scheduling of Math Mania.  Thank you for visiting.