Working in the Math Lab

Would you like to be in the rewarding position of math lab tutor or clerk?

Many Sac City students work in the Math Lab as tutors or clerks.  Math Lab tutors assist students in learning how to explore, solve and present problems in the Math Lab and in entry-level Math 27 classes.  Math Lab Clerks assist students with Lab resources at the clerk desk, and perform a variety of clerical and other tasks that help with the Lab upkeep.

We look for dynamic students interested in making a positive impact on students @SCC.  Among other things, tutors should be proficient, confident and friendly; clerks welcoming & congenial.

If you like helping people and can do so patiently, respectfully and with kindness, please check out the student staff requirements below.  Then, if you are interested in working in the Math Lab and meet the requirements described, please stop by the Lab for current hiring information and applications.

Our greatness has always come from people who expect nothing and take nothing for granted - folks who work hand for what they have, then reach back and help others after them. - Michelle Obama

Spring 2018

The Math Lab opens in Spring 2018 on January 16th at 8 a.m. A completed application packet contains:

  • Spring 2018 schedule (with LTAT 310 or 311 on your list of classes if this is your first time tutoring – otherwise the course should appear on your transcripts)
  • Up-to-date unofficial transcripts (list form)
  • The application itself
  • The scheduling form
  • Approval to tutor form signed by full-time faculty

Once you submit an application packet, expect approximately 2 weeks for the process to take shape, including up to 2 interviews.  More details you will find below.  International students will need to satisfy additional requirements and the process may take longer.

Math lab Tutor Requirements
RequirementMath Lab TutorsIn-class tutorsClerks
Enrollment Fall & Spring6+ units6+ units6+ units
LTAT 310 or 311 (have taken in the past or enrolled concurrently)NA
SHP trainingRecommended
Proficiency in subjectsCalculus II+ and/or Stats 300Math 120+Math 34+
AttributesRespectful, patient, guiding, helpful, knowledgeablePatient, helpful, kind, respectfulCharismatic, welcoming, friendly
Federal Work Study (FWS) AwardNANA
Additional positivesChemistry, Physics, ability to apply Math to other disciplinesKnowledgeable of other campus resources towards which to direct studentsKnowledgeable of other campus resources towards which to direct students

☺ = Required

Working in the Summer Session requires you have already attended the LTAT310 or LTAT311 course. If not, we cannot consider you for hire in the Summer (these courses are not offered in the Summer so concurrent enrollment is not possible).

Student Staff

Below you fill find general requirements for each classification of Math Lab employee:  tutors, clerks & volunteers.

  • Tutor Requirements

    Hired tutors must have A or B grades in topics tutored and must be enrolled in 6-12 or more units during semesters.  In addition, hired tutors must have previous tutor training or concurrent enrollment in a course such as LTAT-310 or LTAT-311, with the exception of students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree.

    Lab Tutor applicants for hire must have completed the equivalent of MATH 401, CHEM 400, PHYS 410 or STAT 300. Classroom Tutor applicants must have completed the equivalent of MATH 120.


  • Clerk Requirements

    Hired clerks must have a concurrent Federal Work Study award administered through the Financial Aid Office, and must be enrolled in 6 or more units during semesters and 3 or more units during the summer term.

    Clerks are at the front line of our campaign to make Math approachable for many that are struggling. Clerks welcome guests, assist them with the check-in process, help with borrowing materials, and explain how the Lab works. Students may come in after a tough exam, with a healthy schedule and many extracurricular happenings weighing on them. We seek dynamic clerks that can greet visitors with a smile and recognition that alleviates all of those stresses.

  • Volunteer Requirements

    Volunteers are always welcome.  Volunteer tutors must have A or B grades in topics tutored and previous tutor training or concurrent enrollment in a course such as LTAT-310 or LTAT-311, with the exception of students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree.

    Volunteer activities look great on the resume for either future job prospects or transfer opportunities, and student volunteers are ultimately more successful in achieving their goals.