Integration Bee

Integration Bee 2019 flyerApril 5, 2019

Event Time: 3:30pm to approximately 7:30pm
On-site Registration: 2:30-3:30pm
Location: Lillard 101 on SCC main campus

Questions and pre-registration

Michelle Poliseno:

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in at least one unit at Sacramento City College
  • Completed Math 400

On the day of the event, please bring a current class enrollment course schedule, or show on your phone.


  • 1st Place—$300 plus TI Nspire CX
  • 2nd Place—$200 plus TI Nspire CX
  • 3rd Place—$100
  • 4th Place—$50
  • 5th Place—$50
  • T-shirts for the top 16 competitors


The following will not be allowed during the competition:

  • electronic devices
  • notes
  • printed materials

Qualifying Round

  • Each student wanting to compete will take a 5-question written test.
  • Students will be allowed 20 minutes to finish the test.
  • Each student will be given a page for answers and scratch paper.
  • All your scratch work should be done on the scratch paper. Keep it organized and clearly labeled, and turn it all in.
  • Write only answers on the answer page.
  • No partial credit will be given with the following exception: In the event that a tie must be broken to arrive at an appropriate number of contestants, scratch work for problems answered incorrectly may be awarded fractional points. Blank answers will not earn partial credit.
  • The problems are presented in terms of x, so answers must be in terms of x.
  • There is no need to include “+C” in answers.
  • Absolute value bars around arguments of log functions WILL be required when necessary.
  • The top 16 scores will qualify for the competitive round.

Competitive Round

  • Qualifying students will compete in groups of up to 4.
  • Groups not participating in the current match will be sequestered outside the room. During sequestration, cell phone use (or any other form of communication that would give contestants an advance look at competition problems) is not allowed.
  • All contestants will be given the same integrals in each round.
  • Each contestant will be allowed one “miss” during competition. Upon the second miss-evaluation of an integral, the contestant will be eliminated.
  • As contestants are eliminated, the judges will reconstitute groups of the surviving contestants.
  • There is no need to include“+C” in answers.
  • Absolute value bars around arguments of log functions WILL be required when necessary.
  • The judges will have full discretion as to what integrals will be issued throughout the contest, and as to the correctness of answers.
  • Contestants indicate they are finished with an integral by turning away from the board to face the judges. At that point, their answer is final and may not be revised.
  • An official timekeeper will determine the amount of time allotted for each integral. The time for each integral will be announced, and a 1-minute warning will be given. If all contestants signal that they are finished before time is up, then the judges may stop the time. The judges have the discretion to extend the announced time, but not to shorten it.
  • The last five contestants surviving elimination will be awarded prizes. If a tie between finalists cannot otherwise be broken, then a speed round will be used to determine the winner.
  • Photo of final answers will be taken.


Online registration closes on 4/5/2019 at 12 noon.  Onsite registration will be available at 2:30pm.

Form submissions are not currently active. The form is either not yet open, or already closed.


Please provide proof on day of event that you are enrolled in at least 1 one unit at SCC. No extra credit will be awarded for your courses.