Media Services

Media Services provides classroom technology support, event support, and assists with instructional media production for the campus community and for both Outreach Centers.

Media Services installs, maintains, upgrades, and otherwise supports all classroom presentation technology other than computers and network infrastructure.  Media Services also provides advice and purchasing support for new classroom technology equipment purchases.  Classroom technology handled by Media Services includes “smart” classroom systems, projectors, projection screens, audio systems and audio/video playback devices.  For help with classroom technology or for more information, please see Audiovisual.  For assistance with computers and/or network issues, please contact Information Technology.

Media Services provides audio and video support for special events in many facilities on campus.  For more information, please see Event Support.  Media Services does not handle AV equipment checkout, but staff may be available to assist with equipment setup and/or to provide training on how to use AV equipment.  For more information on types of equipment available for checkout and checkout procedures, please see the Equipment Checkout section of the Library Faculty Services page.

Media Services provides technical support for instructional video production.  Media Services may be able to assist with media duplication and audio and video file or format conversion. To discuss a potential project and/or to book studio time, please email the media resources supervisor Alex Adan at or call 916-558-2215.  Studio and staff time are limited, and video production is frequently more time consuming than it may seem, so it is recommended to get in touch to discuss a potential project as early as possible.

Media Services Contact Information

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