Media Services Event Support Request

Contact Information

  • This form does not reserve event space on campus, only media equipment/support. For all events, you must reserve your desired event space through the Facilities Office or Student Leadership & Development before filling out this form.

    Standard event requests must be submitted a minimum of TWO WEEKS prior to the event date.

    Requests to assess feasibility for events that fall under "Other Venue (Custom Event)" must be submitted a minimum of ONE MONTH prior to the event date.

    Contact name, phone number, and email should be contact information for a Los Rios faculty or staff member who is responsible for this event.


Student Center - West Hall


Quad - Stage


LRC 105 / RHN 258 / PAC 106 / Smart Classroom

  • Learning Resources, LRC 105, and Rodda Hall North, RHN 258, are two of the most commonly used presentation rooms on campus, but most standard smart classrooms may also be used for presentations or special events. PAC 106 is a smart classroom that requires a laptop to use, but seats a large audience.

    Equipment in these rooms requires no special setup, but if a tutorial on how to use equipment in a self serve room is needed, please fill out the tutorial request below. Media Services will check room availability and contact you to schedule a tutorial prior to your event date.

Custom Event

  • Custom events are events held in any facility or area on campus that does not have a simple standard equipment configuration, and/or events in standard facilities that require additional equipment not included in the standard configuration.

    Custom events require a minimum of 1 month notice and usually require planning and discussion to determine whether they will be feasible with available staff and equipment. Please provide the location and a brief description of your event below and Media Services will contact you to discuss your event.