How to Apply

Program Requirements

All MESA students must:

  1. Be eligible for enrollment in elementary algebra (Mathematics 100) or a higher mathematics course.
  2. Maintain a current 2-year Student Educational Plan (SEP) on file in the MESA center and verify each semester with a MESA counselor that it is current.
  3. Complete the MESA orientation.
  4. Actively participate in the SCC MESA program by coming to the student center at least once every week studying with other MESA students (5 hours per week).
  5. Participate in at least one Academic Excellence workshop.
  6. Complete an update form ad progress report every semester.
  7. At the first sign of a problem, trouble, or poor grade (every new college student collects at least one) related to school, home, or finances, contact the MESA office.
  8. Take advantage of networking opportunities offered by MESA.

Qualified MESA students have priority for use of the SCC MESA center. Non-MESA students also have access to the MESA center provided space is available.

Program Eligibility

  • Have a declared major within a STEM based field
  •  Intention to apply to a 4-year institution
  • Qualify for financial aid (BOGW, PELL grant, etc…)
  •  Be a first-generation student working towards your first Bachelor’s degree
    *Note: if you don’t qualify for all the eligibility requirements, you can still be a part of MESA as a MESA Associate

How to Become a MESA Member

  • Submit the MESA Eligibility form
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed, come in to the MESA Center and pick up an application.
  • Attend the MESA Orientation

Note: Enrollment period ends the 8th week of the semester.


You will be notified through the E-mail account you provided regarding the status of your eligibility. If you HAVE NOT received an email in 3 business days. Please contact the MESA Office either by coming in to Rhodda Hall South 122 or Telephone at 916-558-2497