Nutrition Issues Throughout Life


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This course is a study of the nutritive needs of persons at various stages of the life cycle with emphasis on special periods such as pregnancy, preschool, adolescence, and aging. This course is particularly helpful to Physical Education and Early Childhood Education majors as well as those dealing with people in social agencies, such as nursing and gerontology.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate independent learning and effective communication skills.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of nutrition.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the impacts of nutritional choices on the stages of life.
  • demonstrate how nutrient needs can be satisfied under normal conditions at each stage of development.
  • cite the currently available nutritional support programs and the role of the nutrition professional in promoting nutrition and health.
  • explain the factors involved in the development of healthy food and lifestyle habits.
  • analyze current nutrition research articles and summarize findings.
  • evaluate the adequacy of various diets by using a computerized diet analysis software.
  • build a basic healthy eating plan for a person at any stage of the life cycle.