ECE 350

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    • Program Contact: Liberal Studies for Elementary Teachers
    • Coordinator: Staff Resource Center

This course is a career exploration course with an early field experience for those students considering the field of K-8 teaching. It includes a supervised field placement of three hours weekly in a local elementary school in addition to weekly class meetings on campus. Course content includes the profession and culture of teaching, observation skills, communication skills, diversity and social issues. Students’ field experiences will integrate and apply the course content.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • identify the role and function of the teacher in the public school setting.
  • identify academic requirements and experiences needed to obtain a teaching credential.
  • interpret and apply theories related to child development and learning in a field placement setting.
  • outline principles that underlie effective relationships with other teachers, students and families.
  • identify and use basic observation tools.
  • design and present basic lesson plans in content areas.
  • examine and assess issues concerning culture and diversity.

Orientations occur in class the first day of each semester.