Application Process

A multi-criteria enrollment process is utilized by Sacramento City College’s nursing programs.

Changes in legislation have made this process possible in order to improve student success in completing Associate Degree Nursing programs. An online application process is used and students must reapply each open enrollment period since there are no waiting lists.

Enrollment Criteria

The enrollment criteria include:

  • previous degrees
  • health care licenses
  • certification
  • patient care experience
  • grade point average
  • life/special circumstances
  • veteran status
  • second language proficiency
  • score on an assessment test

All criteria together yields a possible 100 points. An initial worksheet is completed to determine if a candidate is qualified to apply. A total of 70 points on the worksheet is needed to apply to the nursing program. The class is selected from the random selection pool. Students who have higher GPAs and assessment test scores increase the odds of getting into the program.

TEAS Assessment

Interested applicants must take the assessment test, the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) from Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) before applying. Any ATI testing site such as ARC or CSUS may be used and scores will need to be sent to SCC electronically. Study manuals are available for purchase at and several copies are available on reserve in the Learning Resource Center.

It is highly recommended that the student study for the test because only the first passing score of 62 or greater will be accepted. Practice assessment tests are also available at the ATI website.

Supporting Documentation

After eligibility to apply is determined, supporting documents, Verification of Program Enrollment Criteria, must be gathered to confirm responses on the online application. All documents must be submitted with the online application cover page at the same time. Incomplete applications are not processed by the nursing department. The student will not be notified if documents are missing. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that there are no missing documents.

There is one open application period in the spring semester for the following fall and spring semesters.

Case Study

The following is a case study of an applicant profile using the multi criteria worksheet:

AA degree in Physical Therapy Assistant5 points
Licensed as a Physical Therapy Assistant5 points
GPA for BIO 430, 431, 440 = 3.2510 points
GPA is 3.75 for PSYCH 300, ENGWR 30010 points
Has a documented Learning Disability5 points
Veteran status5 points
TEAS Score:  Reading 66.7%2.5 points
Has 4 semesters of Spanish at accredited college2.5 points
Adjusted Individual TEAS score is 64%25 points

* Reminder:  A minimum of 70 points are required to apply.

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