Transfer and Challenge Process

Transfer students are those who have successfully completed some portion of their basic nursing courses in an accredited nursing program.

Students who wish to transfer into the second, third, or fourth semester of the Sacramento City College Nursing Program must thoroughly complete a transfer application located on our nursing website. Admittance is based on space availability.

In addition, transfer students should be aware that the SCC Nursing Program:

  • Will evaluate all prerequisite course work for equivalency, including the achievement of the required grade point averages in the sciences and support courses.
  • Does not require challenge examinations for nursing theory or clinical practice. Transfer students will be given credit for nursing course work after the department has reviewed course descriptions, transcripts, and skills lists.
  • May have different sequence of nursing specialty courses (maternal-child, psychiatric) from the transfer college. This may result in repetition of one or more semesters of study.
  •  Has a very low attrition rate. There is rarely space for transferring students. Second and third semester transfers are the most difficult to obtain.  Priorities for admission are detailed in the SCC Nursing Student Handbook.
  • Allows students only one year out of active nursing school enrollment to be considered for transfer. Students who exceed this time frame must apply to the nursing program as a new student.


All nursing students including transfer or advanced placement students must meet the prerequisites for program entry.

Students may satisfy the prerequisites through a variety of college procedures:

Course substitution

Students who have prerequisite course work in California should check the SCC Nursing Program Articulation Grid on the SCC Nursing Program website. Courses on the grid are approved as equivalent, comparable, or acceptable substitutes to the prerequisites for the SCC Nursing Program.

Course Substitution Petition Process

Petition for Course Substitution

Students who have completed prerequisite course work not listed on the articulation grid or who have completed course work outside of California will need to complete a petition for substitution. This process begins with a visit to a SCC counselor or requesting the petition from the nursing division office in Mohr Hall.  Original catalog descriptions and syllabi from the course taken out of state must be attached to the petition and submitted with admission documents.

Credit by Examination

Under special circumstances students may seek credit for course work by examination. This option is not applicable to all courses. Students interested in credit by examination should consult the dean of the appropriate area (e.g. for science course work the student would consult the Dean of Science and Allied Health).  Further details are found in the SCC Catalog.