Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Courses

Zero Textbook Cost Course iconFaculty: Please submit this form for all of your course sections that have Zero Textbook Costs for students.

This will help us identify which course sections will display a ZTC symbol in the online class schedule. This form should not be submitted for course sections that have textbook or materials costs to students.

FAQs are below.

This Course Has Zero Textbook Cost to Students

  • To aid our process, please submit the form once for each course section. Thank you!



Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) FAQs

What courses need to be designated as ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) in the class schedule?

The ZTC symbol is required only for those courses where the cost of the textbook is zero dollars.

What if a course has an online zero-cost text but students have the option to pay to have it duplicated?

This is still a ZTC section and should be designated as such since students have the option of accessing the text completely online.

What if a course has an online lab manual written by the instructor but all students are required to duplicate the manual for use in class?

In this case, there is a cost for students, so the ZTC designation would not be used.

If a course’s texts or materials are low cost, do we use the ZTC designation?

No, the ZTC designation is only for courses that have zero textbook cost.

What if a course section has been designated as ZTC but the instructor leaves and a new instructor takes over that section? Is that new instructor required to keep the section as ZTC?

A good-faith effort will be made to keep the section as ZTC.

The dean in consultation with the department chair attempting to staff the class with a new instructor will make every effort to keep the class as ZTC, especially if students have already begun to register for that section under the assumption that there will be no costs for textbooks.

Why is there a special symbol?

SB 1359 is a state law that requires California Community Colleges to designate Zero Cost Textbook course sections.