Open Classes

3 ways to find open courses.

1. Search for open courses in eServices

Searching for open courses within eServices allows you to register for any class you find immediately. eServices will have the most up-to-date open course listings.

  1. Log in to eServices
  2. Search for open courses in the “Search for Classes” section

eServices Search for Classes tool

To filter the result for Online courses only, twirl open the Additional Search Criteria settings and select Online-Unscheduled Interaction from Mode of Instruction.

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2. Search for open courses without login

This search allows you to find open courses without logging into eServices and is updated daily.

  1. Go to the Search for Classes page
  2. Select the Semester for which you are looking for classes in the “Semester” drop-down menu
  3. Select “Open” in the “Enrollment Status” drop-down menu
  4. Select “Sacramento City College” in the “College” drop-down menu
  5. Select the subject of class you are looking for in the “Subject” drop-down menu
  6. You can now submit the form by clicking on the “View Courses” button or further narrow the search results by selecting options in the remaining 4 options and then clicking on the “View Courses” button

Los rios search for classes tool

To filter the result for Online courses only, select Online from the Special Courses dropdown.

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3. View a PDF of open courses

Open classes PDFThis PDF isn’t updated as often as the above class searches. However, you are given an overview of all the open courses that are available at the time of the list’s creation.

If you aren’t looking for classes in a given subject, this may give you ideas of what Sacramento City College offers.

View/Download the Open Course Listing (PDF) [updated 8/27/18]

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